A Bit About Bronwyn

I’m Bronwyn and my age is ……… well…. that is in question?

My husband assures me that I look in my 40’s, so lets just go with that. 

Do with that information what you will, but I feel confident you should take the first option but go with the third if you really really want to know.  I have two beautiful, wonderful, gorgeous children. Well at this very minute they are, although don’t ask tonight around 5.30pm or 5.30am for that matter.

I have been a celebrant for over 10 years. I have had a wonderful time and will continue to do so as I am doing the job I love.  Who wouldn’t love this job, I get to help create beautiful weddings, meet amazing couples and their families, and of course buy a new dress for the occasion.  Can you feel my husband’s eyes rolling?

So, how do we create a magical wedding?

We get together as often as needed and discuss what you would like. And if you don’t know what you like, I will ask you lots of questions, about you, your partner, your lives, your dreams, your loves… and I will listen like I’m your best friend.

We can work together to create a beautiful ceremony or I can do it for you.  Each wedding I help to create is uniquely crafted for you and your partner.

I will organise all the paper work (yes the dreaded paperwork), help you with your music and, most importantly, make sure your ceremony runs perfectly.

Things I love:

  • My family
  • A beautiful bunch of Irises
  • My sister Helen, who always encourages me no matter what crazy ideas I come up with.
  • Margaritas

Things that make me laugh:

  • My children’s hair when they wake up in the morning.
  • My husband’s constant attempts to remove the possum that lives in our roof   (every plan of attack has failed miserably, but very entertaining).
  • The TV shows: Will & Grace & Modern Family.